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  Connoisseur Models produce a range of model railway locomotive, wagon and carriage construction kits. Providing etched sheet metal and cast parts for the craftsman model maker to assemble into a finished model at their home workbench using a reasonably comprehensive toolkit of hand tools and soldered assembly. These products are commonly referred to as etched brass kits.

  The models are of British Prototypes designed for 0 gauge at a scale of 7mm to the foot, 1/43 scale.

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- New Projects & Recent Development Work -
Southern Railway Class 02, 0-4-4 Tank
My latest kit of this iconic loco contains alternative components to build Mainland or Isle of Wight versions. Kit now available, September 2014.
More Information
LNER Class F5/F6 Hybrid Conversion Components
Loco Depot Tender Truck
  Tender trucks of this type were coupled to small tank locos to provide extra coal supplies and carry the tools and equipment required for a long days work in sidings remote from the main loco depot. They were fitted with footboards and handrails to allow staff to ride along safely between shunting movements.  More Information

LNER Class Y7

Refurbished Kit
Now Back In

New moulds with increased selection
of crisp & clean
Providing improved
detail & many
alternative fittings
to better represent
individual locos
from this long
lived class.

New 38 page instruction booklet.
Fully illustrated
parts identification.
Step by step digital
photos of a
complete kit build
More Information

Six Wheel Sprung Suspension Units
  Universal units to provide sprung inside bearings for Slater's type wheels on six wheeled coaches and vans. Centre wheel unit provides generous sideplay.
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