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Motors, Gears, Castings & Accessories

  Kits do not include wheels, motor or gears. I have designed all locomotive kits to use Slater’s wheels and 1833 (Mashima Equivalent) motor and 40/1 gears. These are readily available and the most economic option. I have found that this combination is the most suitable for a moderately sized indoor layout. A number of customers have successfully used alternative wheels and motors in the kits.

  Instructions contain full details of wheels, including Slater’s catalogue numbers. It is best to obtain these direct from Slater’s Plastikard, Old Road, Darley Dale, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 2ER, Telephone 01629 734053. They are set up to supply wheels directly and you will find them a helpful and friendly business. If it is very difficult or inconvenient, such as for new or overseas customers, I can put together a complete package of wheels but this may take some time, as I don’t normally keep wheels in stock

- 1833 Motor (Mashima Equivalent) & 40/1 Gearset -
  An etched motor mounting plate is included as part of the chassis design. This mounts the motor at the correct distance for gear mesh etc. I have had produced for me a quality cut 40/1 gear set, comprising a stainless steel worm with grub screw fixing and wide brass gearwheel also with grub screw fixing. I can supply these with a 1833 motor.
Motor and Gearset Price £45.00
- Universal Motor Mount -
  If motor & gears are used in another manufactures kit that does not include motor mount. This floating or axle hung mount is narrow & designed to fit between frames/bearings.
Price £3.00
- Cast Brass Detailing Parts -
  I have had these brass castings produced for me at the request of a number of customers who prefer to replace some of the whitemetal castings included in the kits with brass ones. For example the whitemetal buffer beam pipework included with the kits is adequate for normal use and I fit them onto all my own models but if your locos are to receive very rough handling on say the club layout the extra expense of the brass pipework may be justified. The castings may also be just what you are looking for to complete an upgrading or scratch building project.
- Cast Brass Vacuum Operated Push - Pull Autotrain Gear -
  This gear was used on a number of LNER locomotives such as G5, N7 & F5. Similar gear was also used on some LMS locomotives such as the Jinty tanks. Included with the set of castings are soft wire for pipe work and links. Instructions contain information to identify parts and their position on a typical locomotive.
Price £8.00
Cast Brass Clack Pipes & Ejector Pipe Elbows
  Pack contains 4 X Ejector Pipe Elbows, 8 X Clack Valve Tops and straight copper rod for clack pipes.
Price £8.00
Cast Brass
Buffer Beam Pipework
Pack contains
2 X Westinghouse Brake Pipes, 2 X Tall Vacuum Pipes,
2 X Short Vacuum Pipes,
2 X Steam Heat Pipes,
2 X Below Buffer Beam Vacuum Pipes
Price £16.00

Phosphor Bronze
Loco Bearing Bush

  Phosphor Bronze is considered to be a Rolls Royce material for bearing bushes. It is hard wearing and has good oil retention properties. The bearing has a quality machined 3/16" clearance hole for a standard 0 gauge loco axle.
Pack Quantity 12 Bearings.

Price £8.00
Copper Coated Fine Chain
  12 links to the inch chain, ideal for securing wagon loads etc. This copper coated steel chain can be easily weathered using Birchwood Casey gun blue. Pack containes 36" (1 yard) chain.
Price £4.00
Sprung Suspension Units
3'7" Dia Coach Wheels
  A universal unit to provide sprung inside bearings for Slater's type wheels on four wheeled coaches and vans.
  The kits axleguards are then used as cosmetic fittings. This also makes fitting to a built model easier. 2 X Units (enough for one coach) in each pack.
Download Instructions
These make things clear
Price £9.00
Units Fitted to Four Wheel
Saloon Coach PMK.7
Six Wheel Suspension
  A set of three suspension units. Two standards and a narrow one providing generous sideplay for the centre wheel.
Price £12.00
Download Instructions
These make things clear
- Always Useful Etched Components -
Station Signs
Price £4.00
Control Hand Wheels
Derived from LNER Grain Wagon kit
Price £3.00
5mm Axle Spacers
Clearance for Slater's driving/ tender wheels
Wagon Number Plates, Buffer
Beam Coupling Reinforcing Plates
and Coupling Hooks
Sorry out of Stock
Price £-.--
Coupling Hooks & Plates
Hook profile derived from GER Society drawing
3.5mm Axle Spacers
Clearance for Slater's wagon wheels
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