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GWR  Macaw B  Bogie Bolster
BR Bogie Bolster C

  PROTOTYPE. These heavyweight 30 ton 48 foot long bogie bolsters were built from 1907 until early BR days. Originally intended as rail-carrying vehicles for the P.W. department, but once the usefulness of the design became apparent they were used for all manner of loads.

  Large numbers were built over this period with a number of detail differences as the design evolved. This kit represents the last design with lever brake gear that was continued by British Railways as their standard bogie bolster C.

  KIT. Construction is very straightforward except for the long bends on the solebars etc. I would recommend a simple set of bending bars for this operation.

Kit Reference Code
PMK - 43
Kit Price £110.00
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- Additional Components Required to Complete -
- Wheels -
2 Packs (4 X axles) 3'1", 3 Hole Disc wagon Wheels
(Slater's Catalogue Number 7122). Available From
Slater’s Plastikard, Old Road, Darley Dale, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 2ER, Telephone 01629 734053, Fax 01629 732235.
Approximate Cost of Completing The Model
Kit - £110.00 + Slater's Wheels - £25.00 = £135.00
- Download GWR Macaw B Instructions as PDF Print Off -
  Downloading the instruction booklet will allow you to evaluate the kit and its construction and help you to determine its suitability for yourself and your project.
Download GWR Macaw B Assembly Instruction Booklet