Information & Sample Instruction Sheets
 What is an Etched Kit
- The Etched Kit Concept -
  The idea behind an etched kit is that it provides a set of components in a format that the average model maker can assemble with a reasonably comprehensive set of hand tools in a small home workshop in a reasonable period of time to achieve a quality finished model.

  Basically the sort of model that before etched kits could only be achieved by an experienced model maker with a workshop containing a lathe, milling and drilling machine and hundreds of hours of painstaking work.

- The Parts -
  Three-dimensional parts that would require turning and machining are provided as castings, normally in a white metal alloy. Sheet metal parts that would require hours of work fretting out with a piercing saw are provided already cut out (etched to shape) with folding and forming lines included and require only small tags to be cut through with a knife to remove them from the fret.
- The Instructions -

  A comprehensive set of instructions provide a proven assembly sequence so that construction can be carried out in short periods of leisure time.

  Most modellers want something that provides them with a few hours of relaxation two or three evenings a week without having to spend half the session trying to remember where they had got to previously.

  In effect with an etched kit the hard and time-consuming work is done for you.

- Pleasure in Construction -

  The quality of the finished model is still dependent on the time and care the modeller puts into assembly. Basic slots and tabs are provided on the etched parts to help with location but slight final adjustment and squaring up is reliant upon the skills of the modeller.

  This is as it should be, as good model making should provide a pleasant challenge with the finished model providing a rewarding sense of achievement and be a reflection of the efforts of the individual modeller.

- Satisfaction That Lasts -
  For many modellers assembling metal parts using soldered assembly and basic metalworkers hand tools provides a sense of achievement that is missing when gluing together a plastic kit. The finished metal model also has a feel of permanence about it and will remain to be passed down to the grand children.
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